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  • Pav
    Pav posted the thread Ideas for Keap in Keap.
    XtendIn does not currently support Keap, but will do in the future when the redesign is completed. If you have any ideas to improve...
  • Pav
    v0.5.2 - 2019-01-23 Infusionsoft Saved Searches Updates.
  • Pav
    Pav posted the thread v0.5.2 Release in Announcements.
    XtendIn v0.5.2 has been released which contains an update for Infusionsoft. Saved Searches Updates An issue was reported in which...
  • Pav
    The Website has been updated with the following changes to the Top Menu Bar. - Community link now added. - Info menu - Blog (now...
  • Pav
    Pav posted the thread References in Announcements.
    Dec 2018 - Infusionsoft Videos Infusionsoft Videos YouTube Channel has made a video of some of XtendIn features. Feb 2017 - turboDial...
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    cmorus posted the thread XtendIn is Amazing! in Reviews.
    Pav and his XtendIn Chrome extension for Infusionsoft is the most amazing thing to happen to Infusionsoft since the Campaign Builder was...
  • Pav
    Pav posted the thread Development History in Development.
    Where did the idea come from? In May 2013, I was reading a forum post in which someone was asking if it was possible to have the Date...
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    Pav posted the thread Adam Halpern - Case Study in Reviews.
    This is a copy of Adam Halpern - Case Study that was originally placed on XtendIn Website on 2017-05-23. Which Web Applications do you...