XtendIn Reviews / General Use / Case Studies

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The Reviews section of the Community allows you to leave a Review or General Use or Case Study in the use of XtendIn.
Feel free to post your review or how you generally use XtendIn in a New Post Thread (Do not reply to this thread).
Good and bad comments are welcomed as they will help improve the use of XtendIn.

If you have any criticisms about XtendIn please give full details about it. An appropriate response will be given.

Your posts will not be edited provided they due to break profanity rules.

Case Studies

If you want to leave a Case Study, then the following questions will be asked.
  • Which Web Applications do you use XtendIn for?
  • What XtendIn features do you like?
  • How has XtendIn improved your Productivity?
  • Is there anything else you would like to say about XtendIn?
Feel free to post anything else that you feel appropriate.

3rd Party Reviews

The following locations also have reviews about XtendIn.
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