XtendIn is Amazing!


New member
Pav and his XtendIn Chrome extension for Infusionsoft is the most amazing thing to happen to Infusionsoft since the Campaign Builder was rolled out. I have asked him for dozens of features that should be native to Infusionsoft but aren’t. In our Facebook PM thread that goes back almost 2 years, I can find dozens of requests he has quickly and efficiently responded to.

Here are just a few of the items included in XtendIn:
  • Turn off the checkbox default on a search to adding ID #s and Merge Codes to the Campaign Merge Fields’ setup (Infusionsoft added this later)
  • Display Campaign Merge Field IDs and codes
  • File Image Viewing of Company images
  • View Contents of Filebox without opening each document
  • Hover over a Contact, Opportunity and be able to see it as if you opened it. Also to edit it.
  • More flexibility to add fields to Quick Search
  • Refresh button everywhere! For example, if I searched for all the contact records not containing an @ sign in the email address, I could edit or delete those contacts, refresh my list without reloading the page. The search is preserved.
  • Mass changing tag categories – saved me many hours on one client
  • Time stamps on when a tag was applied!!!
  • And so many more that are such a part of my daily routine I don’t even think about them.
Pav and XtendIn have saved me hours and hours every week. And, XtendIn is a bargain! Try it and you won’t know how you ever lived without it.