Development History


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Where did the idea come from?
In May 2013, I was reading a forum post in which someone was asking if it was possible to have the Date Created column in the Contact Record – Notes table. Although this type of question would usually be a request for Infusionsoft to do this change. But it got me thinking, so I looked into Web Browser Extension Development, and see if I could add in the Date column into the table. Developing a Google Chrome Web Browser Extension is quite simple to do, but I had the challenge of getting the Notes Creation Date back via the API and inserting into the table. After some experimentation I was able to do this, and then it got me thinking. If I could do that, what else can I extend, and hence Extend My CRM was born.

The Forum Post that started the idea off. This was posted in Infusionsoft Community Forum in 2013, but the original forum post is no longer present due to Infusionsoft replacing it with a newer forum.


XtendIn – New Name for Extend My CRM
In July 2016 Extend My CRM was renamed to “XtendIn” (Extend Interface). XtendIn has been designed to extend interfaces for any web application, not just for Infusionsoft only. Although currently the majority of the features are still Infusionsoft specific, and a small set for Xero. The idea is that it will grow to support other interfaces in the future.

XtendIn / Extend My CRM has been a challenging product from its initial idea to where it is today. When development started, dozens of ideas where implemented from simple to ambitious, in which made the product constantly evolve. Development started using Google Chrome, but it came to a turning point that Infusionsoft did not support Google Chrome, and so development was switched to Firefox. Firefox Extension Development is not as straight forward as Google Chrome, and so development took longer than expected.

Thankfully in Summer 2014, Infusionsoft finally supported Google Chrome, and development was switched back to it. It started the process of focusing and completing features so that the product could be listed in Infusionsoft Marketplace.

It was not until early 2015 that Extend My CRM finally appeared in Infusionsoft Marketplace. From July 2016 it is now listed as “XtendIn” in the Marketplace.

Highlights of XtendIn development during the years.

2013-05 - Conception.
2014-08 - v0.0.1 Public Release.
2015-04 - Xero Support.
2016-05 - Dropbox Integration for Infusionsoft.
2016-07 - Extend My CRM renamed to "XtendIn".
2016-08 - ActiveCampaign Support.
2016-11 - Google Mail Support.
2016-12 - 3rd Party - turboDial Support for Infusionsoft.
2017-02 - Redesign Project Started.
2017-04 - Intercom Support.