Adam Halpern - Case Study


Staff member
This is a copy of Adam Halpern - Case Study that was originally placed on XtendIn Website on 2017-05-23.

Which Web Applications do you use XtendIn for?

What XtendIn features do you like?

Lookup Infusionsoft contacts directly from Gmail message. See user-specified Infusionsoft contact criteria inside of a Gmail message Dial Infusionsoft contact directly from Gmail Add prospect to Infusionsoft campaign directly from Gmail message.

How has XtendIn improved your Productivity?
The tight integration of Gmail and Infusionsoft makes my sales and marketing tasks smooth and extremely more productive. That functionality alone is priceless.

Is there anything else you would like to say about XtendIn?
I have been very impressed with the service delivered by XtendIn. They sincerely listen to ideas for improvement and then respond and act on those ideas with speed and professionalism.