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  1. Pav

    Ideas for Keap

    XtendIn does not currently support Keap, but will do in the future when the redesign is completed. If you have any ideas to improve the Keap Web Application Interface just post them here. Thanks :)
  2. Pav

    Releases - 2019 - (v0.5.2)

    v0.5.2 - 2019-01-23 Infusionsoft Saved Searches Updates.
  3. Pav

    v0.5.2 Release

    XtendIn v0.5.2 has been released which contains an update for Infusionsoft. Saved Searches Updates An issue was reported in which deleting the Saved Searches via XtendIn was not triggering the deletion process. Some weird behaviour was happening in Chrome in which the confirmation message would...
  4. Pav

    Website Changes - 2019-01-17

    The Website has been updated with the following changes to the Top Menu Bar. - Community link now added. - Info menu - Blog (now Announcements), Case Studies (now Reviews), Testimonials (now Reviews) links have been replaced so that they point to the relevant parts within the Community instead...
  5. Pav


    Dec 2018 - Infusionsoft Videos Infusionsoft Videos YouTube Channel has made a video of some of XtendIn features. Feb 2017 - turboDial Official Support The turboDial company officially supports XtendIn by providing users a choice of installing the turboDial Linker Extension or XtendIn...
  6. Pav

    Development History

    Where did the idea come from? In May 2013, I was reading a forum post in which someone was asking if it was possible to have the Date Created column in the Contact Record – Notes table. Although this type of question would usually be a request for Infusionsoft to do this change. But it got me...
  7. Pav

    Adam Halpern - Case Study

    This is a copy of Adam Halpern - Case Study that was originally placed on XtendIn Website on 2017-05-23. Which Web Applications do you use XtendIn for? Infusionsoft What XtendIn features do you like? Lookup Infusionsoft contacts directly from Gmail message. See user-specified Infusionsoft...
  8. Pav

    XtendIn Reviews / General Use / Case Studies

    The Reviews section of the Community allows you to leave a Review or General Use or Case Study in the use of XtendIn. Feel free to post your review or how you generally use XtendIn in a New Post Thread (Do not reply to this thread). Good and bad comments are welcomed as they will help improve...
  9. Pav

    Releases - 2018 - (v0.4.4 - v0.5.1)

    v0.5.1 - 2018-12-07 Google Mail Integration – Infusionsoft – Contact Record Icons Fix. Integration – Infusionsoft – Send Email Accessories Suspension. Infusionsoft Static Navigation Bar Fix. Campaigns – Rename Campaign Fix. Campaign Builder – HTTP Post – Send Test Info. v0.5.0 - 2018-12-06...
  10. Pav

    Releases - 2017 - (v0.2.2 - v0.4.3)

    v0.4.3 - 2017-12-20 Infusionsoft Quick Search on Contact Custom Field. Web Form Activity Summary Tracking Column. Integration – Phone – XtendIn – SIP Protocol. Contacts – Quotes – Default Payment Option. Menu Hide Delay Option. Email Editor – Toolbar Alignment. Various Fixes. Intercom Fix...
  11. Pav

    Releases - 2016 - (v0.1.5 - v0.2.1)

    v0.2.1 - 2016-12-21 Extension Options – Reset Options Infusionsoft Campaigns Styling. Campaign Builder – Default Table Column Sort. Data Tables – Check Status Hover Choice. Account Menu – Searching / Scrolling. Actions Button – Open In New Tab. Opportunities – Contact Owner. Global – Web...
  12. Pav

    Releases - 2015 - (v0.0.9 - v0.1.4)

    v0.1.4 - 2015-10-22 Extension Lifetime License. Free License Options Revision. Popup Menu Disabled Message. Infusionsoft Facebook Integration. Editors Integration. Integrated Add Note. Button Bar. Contact Record Tags Tab Sorting. Add Contact Duplicate Name Checking. My Day Options. Notes...
  13. Pav

    Releases - 2014 - (v0.0.1 - v0.0.8)

    v0.0.8 - 2014-11-21 Extension Knowledge Base. Infusionsoft Contact Record Tag Category Grouping. Gravatar Other Email Fields. Various Fixes. v0.0.7 - 2014-10-06 Extension Release Popup. Infusionsoft Tag Markers. Gravatar Rating and Popup Options. Various Fixes. v0.0.6 - 2014-10-02...
  14. Pav


    XtendIn Release History summarised by Year. Click on the link to reveal further information about the releases for that year. 2019 - (v0.5.2) - 1 Release 2018 - (v0.4.4 - v0.5.1) - 8 Releases 2017 - (v0.2.2 - v0.4.3) - 22 Releases 2016 - (v0.1.5 - v0.2.1) - 7 Releases 2015 - (v0.0.9 - v0.1.4)...
  15. Pav

    Redesigned Version Progress

    In February 2017 a project was started to redesign XtendIn to make it easier to use. Although that has grown now, which encompasses several of the following things. - Redesigned Options Layout - Ability to control User Options - Internationalization During 2017 changes were being introduced...
  16. Pav

    2019 Challenges

    In 2019 will contain several challenges for XtendIn. - Redesigned Version - Chrome Manifest v3.0 - Infusionsoft Changes Redesigned Version I am hoping to get the redesigned version all completed and released in 2019. There is a separate thread in this forum that discusses the Redesign...